Policies & Codes

When taking up its societal role, Indaver thinks integrity is key in conducting business. To continue growing our business and strengthening our partnerships with our stakeholders, we must be known as a company built on sustainability, ethics, quality and integrity. Every decision we make matters. Each of us is responsible for understanding the important legal and ethical issues that affect our business and for conducting ourselves at all times. Not only must we comply with applicable laws and policies, but we must also exercise good judgement in our relationship with others.

We therefore openly share our Policies and Guidelines because they define and outline how we want to conduct business, what we expect of ourselves and our business partners. They identify channels for asking questions and raising concerns, and provide information and materials that help reinforce our company culture. Our Policies and Codes contain governing principles and procedures to effectively manage a topic related to our strive for sustainable waste management. They are broadly applicable and are updated every two years on average. These documents clarify and amplify important principles and are based on best practices or mandatory rules. They are integrated in the on-boarding process and part of our inhouse trainings.