Indaver uses the ’10 Codes of Good Practice’ as a reference for the selection of the most appropriate treatment method and for the approval of third-party installations and logistics.

10 Codes of good practice for sustainable waste management

  • Act according to the correct interpretation of the EU definition of waste.
  • Treat waste in dedicated and compliant facilities.
  • Don't dilute waste, it's no solution.
  • Guarantee quality, segregate waste at source.
  • Determine the correct composition of waste products (Characterisation & classification) 
  • Ensure that no hazardous components enter the food or product chain.
  • Be transparent in the way you treat waste, ensure full traceability.
  • Treat waste in state-of-the-art facilities using best available technology.
  • Treat waste in compliant and sustainable recovery: no sham recovery.
  • Comply fully with transboundary shipment of waste: no tool for eco-dumping.