Culture and Values

Indaver makes strategic choices for its growth, always remaining faithful to its own values, based on its aim of sustainable waste management. In addition, the customers' needs and society's expectations are paramount. We provide a business environment in which creativity can flourish so that we can continuously improve our processes and our service provision.

Indaver is a values-driven company. All actions of the company and its employees must align with these values. They are a reflection of what we consider to be truly important.

Our core values

Indaver is a value-driven organisation. At Indaver, we stand by these values. operate from 5 core values:

Demonstrating concern for people, safety and the environment

We want to operate in a way that is safe, socially responsible, and sustainable, with minimal impact from our activities on our surroundings.

Building relationships based on mutual trust

Mutual trust is the basis. Personal reliability and integrity are the requirements for an enduring relationship with each of our stakeholders.

Concentrating on achieving results

We are result-oriented and cost-efficient in everything we do. We strive to achieve the optimal balance for our customers between substantive added value and total cost.

Ensuring transparency in communications and actions

"We say that we walk our talk." This is our recipe for enduring relationships of trust with all our stakeholders.

Continuously improving

We constantly evaluate, check and optimise our service provision, operation and processes. We always seek the best available technology to ensure the maximum recovery of energy and materials while prioritizing human and environmental care. Safety is paramount in all of this.

Yearly audits hold us accountable and allow us to continually improve. Indaver ensures that our core values are represented in all our operations and throughout every layer of our organisation. We operate from 5 core values: