Maximum material, maximum energy

Indaver is a supplier of high-quality materials and sustainable energy and aims to expand this role further. We are continuously looking for new and more efficient ways of recovering materials and energy.

The North Antwerp Heating Network

With the agreement between Indaver, the Port of Antwerp Bruges (BE) and the world’s largest malthouse Boortmalt, the North Antwerp Heating Network became a reality. Indaver will supply its residual heat to Boortmalt which needs a lot of energy for its production process. We will also deliver the residual heat to a few residential areas in North Antwerp. Our expertise is also being applied in Hamburg (Germany). We supply the residual heat from our facility there to the city network.

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PLASTICS2CHEMICALS produces new raw materials

At its site in Antwerp, (BE) Indaver is investing 97 million euros in a demonstration facility to recycle 26,000 tonnes of end-of-life plastics annually. Using an innovative chemical recycling process, we convert packaging waste of polystyrene and mixed polyolefins into new, safe and good-quality basic chemicals for the industry.

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Rivenhall IWMF

The proposed 595,000-tonnes-a-year waste-to-energy facility will form part of the larger Integrated Waste Management Facility in Rivenhall, Essex. 
The proposed Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) will be Indaver’s first waste-to-energy facility in the UK. It  will treat municipal solid waste - household and similar commercial and industrial, non-hazardous waste. In this process, the energy is recovered.

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The proposed £240 million facility is being developed by the Becon Consortium of which Indaver is the lead party.  The design, build and operate contract for this municipal waste facility is being procured by arc21, the waste management group which represents six Councils in the eastern region of Northern Ireland and 60% of the population. The project consists of a Mechanical Biological Treatment building, a 220,000 tonnes per annum Energy from Waste (EfW) plant and a visitor centre.  The facility will be located at the Hightown Quarry on the Boghill Road, Mallusk, Co. Antrim.  

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Ringaskiddy Resource Recovery Centre

The proposed Ringaskiddy Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC) in Cork, Ireland, will be a sister site to Indaver’s facility in Meath. It will treat household, commercial, industrial, non-hazardous and suitable hazardous waste and will generate electricity for export to the national electrical grid.

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