Our vacancies in The Netherlands

We’re always looking for people who share our values and bring new ideas and experience to Indaver. We welcome your application too.
The job openings are organised by language area, and thus are not translated.
If there is no vacancy below, you can always take a look at vacancies in our other regions. 

Job Title Location Domain
Afdelingshoofd 4542 NM Hoek, Nederland Operations
Category Buyer 4455 SX Nieuwdorp, Nederland Procurement
GL Accountant 3313 LN Dordrecht, Nederland Finance
Junior Analyst Learning & Development Systems 4455 SX Nieuwdorp, Nederland HR
Machinist 3198 LC Rotterdam, Nederland Logistics and transport
Machinist/Meewerkend Voorman Groningen, Nederland Maintenance
Maintenance engineer E&I Alphen aan den Rijn Maintenance
Milieukundige 4542 NM Hoek, Nederland , 4455 SX Nieuwdorp, Nederland Administration
Onderhoudscoördinator Electrical & Instrumentation 4542 NM Hoek, Nederland Production
Onderhoudsmonteur 4455 SX Nieuwdorp, Nederland Maintenance
Onderhoudsmonteur Alphen aan den Rijn Maintenance
Onderhoudstechnicus E&I Alphen aan den Rijn, Alphen a/d Rijn, Nederland Maintenance
Operator GFT 2408 ZA Alphen aan den Rijn, Nederland Production
Operator IWS 4542 NM Hoek, Nederland Operations
Operator Separatie Techniek Limburg Production
Service monteur 4431 NK 's-Gravenpolder, Nederland Maintenance
Stage In kaart brengen infrastructuur 3313 LN Dordrecht, Nederland Student work
Stage Updaten asset database 3313 LN Dordrecht, Nederland Student work
Technische meeloopstage 4431 NK 's-Gravenpolder, Nederland Production
Technische stage Terneuzen Operations