Materials recovery from waste

In our high-tech facilities, we recover safe and clean raw materials for industry. We have also developed and refined techniques for recovering valuable molecules from complex waste thanks to research and the entrepreneurship of our employees. Our quality products replace scarce primary raw materials, closing material loops and ensuring a sustainable future.


We produce green and reliable energy

Energy is what drives our generation. It allows families and businesses to thrive but, unfortunately, we can’t just magic up this energy. It is irrefutable that fossil fuels are finite and are contributing to global warming, and it is now more important than ever to develop the desperately needed sustainable green alternatives our planet craves. Indaver makes sure that not one single joule of waste is lost. Our waste-to-energy plants generate an enormous amount of heat during the treatment of non-recyclable waste. This heat, this vital energy, is given back to society in the form of electricity or steam. 

Safe sink

Indaver makes sure that hazardous or toxic substances cannot contaminate the material or food chain. We destroy these substances at a high temperature, we neutralise them or we store them safely. Our safe sink policy ensures that the environment and the loops within the circular economy remain clean and safe. In our state-of-the-art facilities, our employees work day in and day out with a total commitment to a clean future.

Heat networks

At every opportunity we turn waste into a source of energy, allowing our steam and heating networks to supply stable, green energy.