Ash treatment

Recovering residues to save on raw materials

While thermally treating waste, we aim to recover as many materials as possible. We do this utilizing a sophisticated ash treatment. Residues from our treatment processes replace valuable raw materials in our processes.


Ash treatment following thermal treatment

Of the total quantity of waste that we treat in the grate incinerators, less than 3% is deposited in landfills as a residue fraction of ash treatment. The bottom ashes from our own installations, and possibly from other household treatment plants, are washed and sieved, and all impurities are removed. The ash-treatment installation in Doel processes the ashes into a useful end product for the metal or construction industry:

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated by various crushing, sieving and washing units and are sold to the metal industry as a secondary raw material.
  • Thanks in part to the draining capacity of granulates, they are used for the construction of dykes. They are also often utilised in the construction sector (for example in foundation works).
  • Sand fractions are put to good use in construction and stability applications in landfills. 
Treatment process