Landfill Hooge Maey

'Hooge Maey' was the name of the intermunicipal partnership that was responsible for the remediation and sustainable operation of the landfill site in Antwerp. It was founded  in december 1998 and ended in december 2017, after which Indaver took over operations. The participants in the intermunicipal company were the city of Antwerp, the municipalities of Stabroek, Kapellen, Duffel, Bornem and Aartselaar, four intermunicipal waste associations Igean, Ivarem, Isvag and Ibogem, the Antwerp provincial government and private participant Indaver.

Sustainability as a guiding principle

From 1998 to 2017 this landfill was remediated by 'Intermunicipal Company Hooge Maey', a public-private joint authority created to treat non-hazardous residual waste in an environmentally and economically sound manner at the landfill site of Hooge Maey.  Sustainability, in all its facets, was the guiding principle in all operations of the intermunicipal company. Since 2018 operations were taken over by Indaver.

Activities Hooge Maey

At Hooge Maey Indaver treats solid waste, leachate and waste water with maximum care for the environment. Sustainable use of resources and energy is one of the major challenges of our time. Closing energy and materials loops is becoming more and more important. Turning landfillgas into electricity is a good example of closing loops and it is only one of the many ways in which Hooge Maey contributes to a better environment.


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