High standards

Indaver has consciously opted for integrated and uniform management systems. They ensure the safety, reliability and traceability of all processes. We scrupulously monitor our impact on the environment.


We have opted for certified management systems, both at our sites and at those of Total Waste Management customers. With certification by an independent external certification agency, a third-party expert confirms that our management systems are operating correctly. Depending on the region, Indaver holds ISO certificates and specific regional certificates.

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Cooperation Agreement

Indaver is an international organisation with subsidiaries and participating interests in various European countries. ‘Think global and act local’ is the way Indaver believes it will achieve success in the various markets and further growth. Thinking global refers to a vision and a business strategy supported by the right values and policies. Acting local refers to the waste management service provided to customers and local stakeholders.

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To support our vision we have drawn up several internal policies.

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