Indaver processes bio-organic waste such as green and VGF waste (Vegetable, Garden Waste and Fruit ) into high-quality compost in the Netherlands. With good quality compost, we give the soil back its natural nutrients. And we close this cycle.

The VGF and green waste can also be digested as biomass in biomass plants.

Why compost?

  • Compost contributes to healthy soil life where, among other things, earthworms and the right bacteria thrive while disease organisms are suppressed.
  • Compost improves the structure of the soil and makes it airier so that water is better retained or let through.
  • Compost can be spread all year round.
  • Compost contributes to reducing CO2 emissions because it retains carbon in the soil for a long time.
  • Compost is the natural replacement for fossil peat or chemically produced fertiliser. 
  • Compost is a natural product that fits well into the circular economy, it plays an important role in the transition to circular agriculture.

2 types of compost

Indaver makes compost from green waste and from VGF waste. These produce 2 types of compost:

  • Fine compost, especially for gardens and flowerbeds.
  • Coarse compost, to improve the soil structure of fields.


Our compost meets the strictest quality requirements and only goes to customers when all strict environmental health requirements have been met.

In the Netherlands, our compost meets the Keurcompost class A quality standard.

Separation at source

At the basis of high-quality compost lies a good separation of the green and VGF waste delivered. Together with its chain partners such as public customers and private collectors, Indaver is committed to improving separation at source.

In addition, we are critical of the acceptance of the supply. Checks at the gate and monitoring of the loads increase rejection. We feed this back to our customers so that they can focus on better separation along the relevant collection route.


In the Netherlands

Our digesting & composting plant for VGF-waste:

Our composting sites for VGF-waste:

Our composting sites for greenwaste: