"Co-managing innovative projects with an impact makes me proud"

Michiel De Smet , Project manager






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Michiel De Smet (32) is a project manager and has now worked in Indaver for eight years. His master's thesis dealt, amongst others, with waste processing, so he immediately clicked with the organisation. Since then, he has been co-managing several innovative projects. 

“I started as a maintenance engineer,” according to Michiel. “Which was a conscious choice to acquire the necessary knowledge, whilst Indaver also encouraged me to look ahead. Three years later, I moved to the project department, initially as a project engineer and then as a project manager."

Proud innovations

“Five years ago we started with E-Wood, a new, innovative waste-to-energy facility. The basic concept was already in place, but I was jointly responsible for developing it. Since the end of 2022, the plant has been supplying green energy to surrounding port operations. I am really proud of such an innovative project. Such projects allow me to develop myself professionally. You must, of course, be given the freedom to do so. And that is truly the case at Indaver.”

"On a larger scale, Indaver is fully committed to processing waste in the most sustainable and innovative way possible. To that end, we design new concepts in-house that we also immediately apply in our own facilities."

That is why Michiel opted for Indaver: “Co-managing innovative projects with an impact makes me proud”

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