"With my work I fulfil a social role"

Sophie Slachmuylders , Key account manager






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Sophie Slachmuylders (28) works as a key account manager for Indaver Industrial Waste Services (IWS). During her master's degree studies, she became fascinated with the circular economy and the science behind it. At Indaver both areas of interest are nicely merged.

"At Indaver, sustainability is an important mainstay," Sophie says. "By taking part in a circular economy, you also contribute to a greener future. That way of thinking immediately appealed to me."

Social impact

“Numerous projects fall into that sustainable thinking category. Knowing that my work is not without obligation but has a social impact motivates me. It is not just about good intentions or one-off actions. Projects such as ECLUSE or Warmtenetwerk Antwerpen Noord centre around energy recovery. With other projects we ensure that precious metals from waste streams or end-of-life plastics are sensibly reused.

And of course, the rotary kilns on the Antwerp site. There we process hazardous waste that is not suitable for recycling. The site sometimes bursts at the seams, so to speak, because there is constant movement and many new projects in the pipeline."

“Also in terms of its personnel I consider Indaver to be a sustainable employer. They invest in their employees and aim for a long-term collaboration. In the meantime I’m being assigned more important customers and budgets. That's when I know I'm doing well."

That is why Sophie opted for Indaver: "With my work I fulfil a social role"

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