Press release: Indaver on a steady course on expanding internationally

Indaver has  acquired the permits to construct and operate an Energy-from-Waste facility in the South East of England. The development is set to be built in Rivenhall, Essex and involves an investment of £500 million.

With its 49.9 MWe capacity the facility will be able to treat 595,000 tonnes of non- recyclable residual waste. It will offer a local solution for non-recyclable residual waste which until now has been disposed of in regional landfills or exported abroad for treatment. The facility will comply with the most stringent environmental standards and supply electricity to 60,000 households. It seamlessly fits into the UK’s strategy for renewable energy and helps meet its ‘net-zero-carbon’ goals by recovering 49.9 MWe electricity from non-recyclable waste in a reliable and predictable way. The facility will contribute to a further reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

All necessary permits are in place to allow the development to move to the construction phase. The work on site will start later this year and the facility will be operational in 2025. The project will be realised through Indaver Rivenhall Ltd, a UK subsidiary of the Belgium based Indaver Group. 

The Rivenhall project is Indaver’s third E-f-W project in the UK. Indaver is the last remaining bidder for the £240 million Local Authority residual waste treatment project in Belfast (Northern Ireland). In 2019 the contract to operate a Local Authority E-f-W facility in Aberdeen (Scotland) was awarded to Indaver. It is now under construction and will be operational in 2022.

To the north of Dublin (Ireland), Indaver already runs a 240,000 tonne E-f-W facility and intends to build a similar operation in Cork (in the South of Ireland). Building this facility will allow Ireland to acquire a state-of-the-art treatment facility that will offer a sustainable solution for the non-recyclable residual waste produced in the region.

Indaver will realize these various projects through balance sheet financing in collaboration with Katoen Natie.

Paul De Bruycker, CEO Indaver: "Waste is not an end product, it is a phase in the life cycle of a material. With this new waste-to-energy facility, we offer a solution for non-recyclable waste from households. We create value from this waste by recovering energy from the treatment process. Thus, this project fits perfectly into the UK's renewable energy strategy and contributes to reduced greenhouse gas emissions."

About Indaver 

Indaver is a European player in the waste sector with plants and operations in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, the United Kingdom and France. Indaver manages and treats industrial and household waste in specialist facilities for the industrial sector, waste collectors and governments. Indaver recovers valuable raw materials and energy from these treated waste streams. Indaver is thus creating value from waste and by doing so is helping to close the materials loop in a safe, low-carbon and energy-efficient manner. This makes Indaver the ideal partner in the pursuit of a sustainable circular economy. In 2019, Indaver had a turnover of 579 million euros with 1700 staff throughout Europe. 
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