Press release: Indaver takes over solvent recovery unit and transfer station from BIP Chemical Holdings in the United Kingdom

Indaver is strengthening its position in the United Kingdom with the takeover of BIP Chemical Holdings and BIP Environmental Ltd. BIP Chemical Holdings works on the recycling of solvents for customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This takeover fits in perfectly with Indaver’s vision to create maximum value from waste and to bring valuable raw materials back into the chain. Indaver also welcomes 75 experienced staff from BIP Chemical Holdings. BIP Chemical Holdings has a turnover of 12 million pounds per year.

Recovery of Solvents from the Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sector

BIP Chemical Holdings was founded in 2006 by Mike Bennett, who had built up several years of experience in the treatment of solvents. In 2022, the company has 75 employees, primarily chemical engineers, process engineers and senior operators. The site, which is based in Middlewich, 50 km to the south of Manchester, consists of a solvent recovery unit and a transfer station. The solvent recovery unit has a total treatment capacity of around 30,000 tonnes. Various reactors, columns, filtration units and steam boilers, fed by the calorific value of the waste, provide an advanced distillation process for solvents originating from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. After commissioning our solvent recycling plant in Antwerp, this is the next step in the expansion of a network of solvent management facilities in Europe.

Transfer station and tank park

Both hazardous and non-hazardous waste can be stored at the transfer station. The license allows for the storage of 30,000 tonnes of packaged hazardous waste with a view to further treatment. The solvent recovery unit and the transfer station together have a tank park with the capacity to store 2800 m³ liquid waste. This gives Indaver plenty of storage options to meet all their customers’ needs.

Own laboratory and maintenance department

In addition, the site also has four fully-equipped research laboratories and its own engineering and maintenance department. Thanks to the expertise of our own on-site staff, we are able to offer our customers flawless service provision. Indaver also intends to invest further in the site’s performance. This will ensure the new facility meets Indaver’s high quality demands regarding the operation of industrial treatment facilities.

Bart Goethals, director of Indaver's Industrial Waste Services: “Indaver wants to keep raw materials in the chain. The acquisition of BIP Chemical Holdings fits in with our strategy to create value from waste. The recycled solvents are valuable raw materials for the industry. Working with the 75 staff from BIP Chemical Holdings, we can offer a sustainable solution to our customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We are thus continuing to pave the way to a circular economy.

Indaver continues its expansion in the United Kingdom

With the acquisition of BIP Chemical Holdings, in which Indaver is supported by Brodies LLP Solicitors and Mike Bennett by SAS Daniels LLP, Indaver is further expanding its treatment portfolio in the United Kingdom. This will allow Indaver IWS to serve its industrial customers in the UK even better.  In 2022, Indaver began the construction of a Waste-to-Energy facility in Rivenhall, for the treatment of 595,000 tonnes of non-recyclable household and commercial waste. The facility has a capacity of 49.9 MWe. In addition, from 2023 onwards, Indaver will run a waste-to-energy plant that will provide a solution for around 150,000 tonnes of household waste from a few municipalities in north-east Scotland.

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