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Indaver has become a leader in Europe in sustainable waste management. In Belgium, Indaver is a trusted and reliable partner to industries and public authorities for ecologically and economically responsible waste treatment. Indaver  is at the forefront of research and development in this area. We offer qualitative solutions to industrial companies and governmental bodies, from on-site management to managing various materials at our locations where we treat a wide range of waste substances using the best technology available.

When drawing up waste management solutions for clients, our primary focus is to recover as much material and energy as possible from the waste process. This is an essential consideration because raw materials and energy are becoming increasingly scarce as the Earth's population grows and demand for fuel and energy continue to increase. At Indaver, we are acutely aware that we must work towards a circular economy that deals intelligently and responsibly with materials and energy.

How we view waste, as a society, plays an important role in achieving this goal. At the moment, there is still a general view that waste is a problem. At Indaver we see waste as an opportunity. This is why Indaver plays a pioneering role as a supplier of high-quality raw materials and renewable energy. It also makes us the perfect partner in a circular economy that includes governments, industry and individual householders.


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