Indaver in Antwerp


Safe solutions for hazardous and industrial waste

On the Indaver site in Antwerp we offer solutions for approximately 750 000 tonnes of hazardous and industrial waste per year. We ensure that hazardous or toxic substances cannot contaminate the material or food chain.

  • We destroy ca 150 000 tonnes of waste at a high temperature in rotary kilns
  • We neutralise ca 190 000 tonnes of liquid and solid anorganic waste streams
  • We store ca 400 000 tonnes of waste on a landfill for hazardous waste

Our safe sink policy ensures that the environment and the loops within the circular economy remain clean and safe.

High temperature incineration

  • 3 rotary kilns for the thermal destruction of hazardous waste
  • 1 rotary kiln specifically for the thermal destruction of Medical Waste

Physico-chemical treatment

Safe sink

  • Safe disposal of hazardous waste at licensed landfill site
  • Management of landfill site for non-hazardous waste (former Hooge Maey)


Waste is a rich and value-adding source of new raw materials. In our high-tech facilities we recover safe and clean raw materials for the industry. We have also developed and refined techniques for recovering valuable molecules from complex waste thanks to research and the entrepreneurship of our employees. Our quality products replace scarce primary raw materials, closing material loops and ensuring a sustainable future.

Inda-MP: recovery of precious metals from solvents

The Inda-MP plant recycles precious metals such as Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium, and Ruthenium from liquid waste streams. A large part of these liquids originate from reactions using homogeneous precious metal catalyst. During the recycling process the precious metals are recovered with very high efficiency while hazardous components are safely destroyed. Valuable solvents can be further purified and reused. 


Indaver’s Plastics-to-Chemicals (P2C) depolymerisation technology allows to recycle end-of-life plastics such as polyolefins and polystyrene. P2C converts these end-of-life plastics into a valuable petrochemical feedstock. 

Currently under construction, the plant is expected to become operational by 2024. 


Do you live in near our facilities in Antwerp?

Twice a year, we organise a neighbourhood council with representatives of neighbouring companies and local authorities. The members exchange information, discuss new developments and share their concerns. 

We organise an open door day for the general public every few years. The most recent open day took place in 2019. We can also facilitate a company visit for specific groups such as higher education students (in the environmental or chemical field) and for involved stakeholders. Click here to apply for a company visit. 



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