The following operations take place at Indaver’s Grimbergen site: 

  • Domestic waste transfer 
  • Bulky waste transfer 
  • Plastics



Transfer of household waste and bulky waste

The transfer of household waste and bulky waste is an essential part of Indaver's waste management operations in Belgium.


At Indaver, working safely and with environmental awareness comes first. Guidelines have been drawn up for contractors, visitors, suppliers and drivers to ensure the efficient supply and removal of materials and to maintain vigilance over everyone’s safety. 



We consider local residents and businesses in the vicinity of our facilities as our partners. We inform our neighbours about our operations through neighbourhood councils or other consultative forums. We always endeavour to limit the impact on the environment in all our operations.

Membership of Cargovil vzw, a not-for-profit association

With our Grimbergen site, we are members of the Cargovil Plus not-for-profit association. This not-for-profit association is committed to the sustainable development of the Zemst-Vilvoorde-Grimbergen enterprise zone. As members, we take part in combating litter, as well as burglary prevention, biodiversity in business parks, etc.


To counteract any odour nuisance, waste is delivered in liquid-proof vehicles and covered containers. All waste streams delivered are stored in a covered, enclosed hall. Air from the production hall, screening hall and transfer hall is extracted and channelled through the biofilter. The biofilter still removes any potential odour-generating components from the extracted air.


Indaver Grimbergen
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