Driver and supplier


On arrival, you are to drive onto the weighbridge and report to the weighbridge clerk at Check-in. 
The weighbridge clerk will record your data and carry out the weigh-in.  
Deliveries of waste are to be carried out in liquid-proof vehicles and containers that are covered to prevent anything from being lost from the load in transit. 

Safety agreements

There is a great deal of freight traffic (wheel loaders, large semi-trailers, vans with trailers) at the Grimbergen site. To ensure everyone's safety, the following arrangements apply: 

  • High-visibility vest and safety footwear and fastened work clothing (long trousers and long sleeves) are mandatory. 
  • Observe the highway code 
  • Keep to the 20 km/h speed limit 
  • Always follow the internal traffic plan 
  • Keep to the agreements when unloading in the transfer and VGF hall. 
  • NB: Pedestrians and cyclists always have the right of way 



As a contractor, you are to report to Check-in first where you will be registered. 
While doing so, you park your vehicle in the parking area at the front of the building. 

Safety agreements

After registering, you will be given the safety guidelines and the safety and environment booklet. 

Make sure you always work and act in accordance with the guidelines set out herein 

Wearing a high-visibility vest and safety footwear is mandatory at the Grimbergen site. When working, you are to wear fastened work clothing (long trousers and long sleeves).



On arrival, you are to park your vehicle in the visitors’ parking area. You are to report to Check-in.

Safety agreements 

As a visitor, you must always follow the designated footpath. You are only permitted to deviate from this path under Indaver directions. 
Photography and filming in the facilities are not permitted. 
The following equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are mandatory:

  • On the designated footpath: good walking shoes and a high-visibility vest.
  • In the hall: safety vest, safety footwear, long trousers and long sleeves.