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Our mission

Ensuring a clean future together

We ensure a pure circular economy by neutralizing harmful waste and converting waste into new raw materials and energy.

The growing complexity of society demands creative and innovative solutions from driven and talented people. In order to be in a position to respond appropriately to changing circumstances, we invest in ourselves, we ensure that we are agile, we collaborate and we share our knowledge. 

By continuously learning, developing our talent and keeping ourselves physically and mentally resilient, we can maintain a work-life balance.

Would you like to work at Indaver?

At Indaver the entire team is working towards the same goal: leading the field in sustainable waste management. We achieve this through developing new and original sustainable waste management solutions for our clients. The result? Our passion for innovation leads to intelligent solutions, which in turn has placed Indaver in the vanguard of change as a key European player in sustainable waste management.

We know that our people are the reason for our wide-ranging success. So we invest carefully in the ongoing development of each and every one of our employees. We also place great emphasis on achieving a healthy work/life balance, which is so important in helping our team to achieve their professional and personal goals. We strive to create a productive and fulfilling work environment for all staff members.

Our strengths which make Indaver special

  • Waste is of real value. Indaver is constantly investing.
  • There’s no future without sustainability. We are building a circular economy which gives waste a new lease of life.
  • The sky is the limit. You’ll work in a financially sound, high-tech and successful company.
  • People are definitely our company's greatest asset.
  • Investing in talent is the best guarantee for success.
  • A close team in which everyone has their own strengths.
  • Good work requires precision. We take a considered and focused approach to our work.
  • Safety, our priority!

A job with impact

As long as there are humans,  there will always be waste; even if we behave in a more sustainable way. At Indaver, we’re fully committed to the circular economy, processing waste sustainably and where we can, extracting all components which can be reused. We believe we must appreciate all  the raw materials our Earth provides us, therefore we strive to make our footprint as small as possible.

Are you looking for a job with social impact and job security in an innovative industry which matters? If so, then please apply to any of our open vacancies.

With attention to personal growth

Our jobs are varied therefore most days you’ll be learning something new and following a detailed training plan. Indaver is constantly evolving with numerous innovative projects underway and planned for the future. We lead the field in sustainable waste management by continuously innovating, investing and improving.”

Are you someone who likes to grow and enjoys making things happen? Then we definitely need to get to know you!

In a cooperative working environment

In a culture built on openness and trust, there is a friendly atmosphere. We’re there for each other, working closely and collaboratively, with respect for everyone’s personal need for autonomy. We address each other in an informal way, including our supervisor and managers. We have regular activities amongst for our employees and families such as BBQs and Family days. We very much believe that a pleasant working environment helps with overall efficiency as well as productive teamwork.

And with care for your work-life balance

We’re hopeful Indaver will quickly feel like a second home however we’re mindful that private lives are a happy place to be also. Therefore we offer flexible working hours and where possible, be open to remote working.

We’re also aware that personal circumstances change as time goes by and we’d want to grow and evolve with you over the years.

Care Connect Coach: Strong personal leadership

As an employee, you need a manager who will help you to develop. As a manager, you want a company that supports you in your efforts to elicit the best from your people. With its leadership programme ´Leading by Triple C: Care, Connect, Coach´, Indaver is investing in a recognisable leadership style. Strong personal leadership of all employees helps Indaver to attain its strategic goals, keep its organisation effective and ensure the high job satisfaction of its people. 

Care: appreciating employees at their true value

At Indaver, we care about our employees and value the particular talents of each member of staff. We strive to place employees in positions best suited to their strengths and interests in order that they can be as engaged and productive as possible. This is good for the individual, the team, and the organisation. We want everyone to feel good, to enjoy coming to work, and to be able to play to their strengths and interests. In this way, we help our employees to shine. 

Connect: linking employees

We work together and share knowledge with one another across the teams, sites and regions. We make sure that everyone´s contribution is clearly recognised within the team and the organisation, and we involve our people as much as possible in decision-making. We strive to match the ambitions and talents of our people with the needs of the organisation. We establish links by listening carefully, and by giving - and inviting - transparent feedback.

Coach: accompanying employees

By setting high standards, we challenge everyone to do their personal best. We give you the space and the authority to act on your own. We enable people to grow by letting them come up with their own solutions (instead of problems). We encourage employees to develop their knowledge and skills continuously, as this helps everyone to be adapt to change and to see new opportunities. 

Key figures

Equivalent Energy for

Equivalent Energy for

270,000 households

Waste managed

Waste managed

5,36 million tonnes






€118 million

Locations in Europe

Locations in Europe

more than 30

Operational in

Operational in

9 countries

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Our employees

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Indaver International Graduate Programme

The Indaver International Graduate Programme (IIGP) is an intensive learning path for young high potentials. The course runs over 2 years and 4 departments, of which one period will be abroad. Thanks to the IIGP, participants gain various practical experiences and at the same time acquire a solid body of knowledge. In this way, they will discover more quickly where their expertise comes into its own. At the end of the programme, each participant has a solid basis for further growth within the organisation.

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