Why recycling hydrochloric acid?

Hydrochloric acid is a product mainly used by the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical and food-processing industries. It is therefore a much-wanted primary material. Indaver has developed a sustainable recycling solution for its industrial customers providing a circular economy solution for hydrochloric or chlorinated waste that is both safe and environmentally responsible. 

Indaver recycles hydrochloric acid at 2 locations, one in France and one in The Netherlands. 

Video on how Indaver recovers HCl at IndaChlor

Indaver's aim with construction hydrochloric acid (HCl) recovery installations, is to recycle chlorinated waste. Indaver builds this plant close to the industry, to facilitate industrial symbiosis. This way, rather than transporting this precious raw material, Indaver can supply the HCl directly to the nearby companies through a pipeline. The energy the recovery facilities produces during the waste treatment process and when recycling hydrochloric acid, is also put to good use eg. steam can be supplied to neighbouring companies through a pipeline. With these types of partnerships, Indaver developed a sustainable solution for the region and created a circular economy that is reliable and environmentally responsible.

Expert in HCl recovery

Specialist knowledge is required to process these complex, frequently hazardous waste streams into new raw materials. As a company that handles millions of tons of waste products every year, Indaver knows how the European waste products market works and what the valuable recoverable materials are.

By recycling valuable materials from waste, we realise substantial ecological and economical benefits. We make our customers independent of the (primary) raw materials markets and avoid CO2 .

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Hydrochloric acid recovery team

Indaver's hydrochloric acid recycling in Europe

ARP in Ijmuiden, The Netherlands

At ARP, The Netherlands, Indaver has been recovering hydrochloric acid from the three pickling lines at Tata Steel for 20+ years. Hydrochloric acid is used to remove rust after the steel plates have been rolled. Indaver's grate incinerator – installed at Tata Steel's site in IJmuiden – oxidises the contaminated pickling liquid. This creates regenerated hydrochloric acid and iron oxide. Both are 100% suitable for re-use as a raw material in the steel and pigment industry. 


IndaChlor in France

In the port of Dunkirk, France, the IndaChlor® installation of Indaver recycles chlorinated waste into a precious raw material, named hydrochloric acid. This primary resource is used by industry to use in their production process. The energy IndaChlor® produces during the waste treatment process is converted into steam and supplied to a neighbouring company through a pipeline. With this partnership, Indaver developed a sustainable solution for the region and created a circular economy that is reliable and environmentally responsible.