Precious metals

Valuable homogeneous catalysts recovered from liquid waste

Precious metals such as palladium, ruthenium, rhodium and platinum are rare and valuable metals. They are used as industrial, homogeneous catalysts in the pharmachem industry. As a result of this process, liquid waste containing these precious metals needs to be processed. It is ecologically and economically beneficial to recover these metals. Indaver does that with its Inda-MP facility at its site in Antwerp, a thermal process separating precious metals from solvents in waste and collecting them in the residues.

Innovative recycling with substantial benefits

The recovered precious metals are transferred to a metal account of the customers so they can be re-used. This way, our customers have a constant and sustainable supply of precious metals. As a result, they are less dependent on raw materials from outside Europe. This is how Indaver can help your company to reduce its carbon footprint and to contribute to your sustainability objectives.

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