In Ireland

The Meath Waste-to-Energy facility has been operational since August 2011. 
The facility, the first of its kind in Ireland, treats approximately 200,000 tonnes of municipal waste per year and generates 18MW of electricity – enough to power approximately 42,000 homes.

Residual municipal solid waste that can be accepted at the facility includes: 

Residual household & commercial/industrial waste: 

  • Residual non-recyclable waste from domestic & commercial/industrial kerbside collection 
  • Combustible residual waste from recycling processes 
  • Refuse derived fuel (RDF) 
  • Residual combustible skip waste (non-bulky)
  • Contaminated packaging / clothing / PPE / liners 
  • Off-specification / redundant products 
  • Aqueous liquids 
  • Wastewater treatment sludge


Export of MSW waste for recovery

The Meath Waste-to-Energy Facility continues to operate at maximum capacity.  In addition, there is a deficit in waste recovery capacity in Ireland. Indaver also provides additional thermal recovery solutions for our customers. We do this by exporting residual waste to our network of partner waste-to-energy facilities in Europe and Scandinavia.