Ecological solution for every type of plastic

Indaver always selects the best method for treating the synthetic products of its customers. We offer solutions for all plastics, with maximum protection of the environment guaranteed. In certain cases, the plastics can be recycled into valuable materials.

At Indaver's plant in Willebroek, we pre-treat recyclable plastic foils, bags, big bags and mono-flows of hard plastics (such as PVC construction waste) for recycling. At our site in Doel, we treat non-recyclable plastics, mixed plastic flows, laminates and compounds.

Maximum recovery

The sustainable pre-treatment of hard PVC used in construction, which Indaver treats at its Environmental Park in Willebroek, delivers an end-product that can be used in the production of new construction materials.

The foils used in construction and agriculture and all other types of packaging foil that are treated in Willebroek are sorted according to quality and then pre-treated for various recycling applications in Belgium and abroad.

Depending on the type and the recycling requirements, hard plastics are sorted by colour, type and quality and then grinded or not grinded before going to the recycling industry. They are processed into regranulates, to be used together with new plastic granules to produce new plastics.