Meath Waste-to-Energy facility


The Meath Waste-to-Energy facility opened its gates in August 2011. 
The facility, the first of its kind in Ireland, treats more than 200,000 tonnes of municipal waste per year and generates 18MW of electricity – enough to power more than 42,000 homes.

*Based off average household usage of 3.5MWh per family/year

Thermal treatment of residual municipal waste

Under the European Waste Framework Directive and Landfill Directive, Ireland is committed to recycling a large proportion of its waste. A residual fraction, however, or 'black bin' waste remains, which is unsuitable for recycling and requires an alternative solution whilst avoiding landfilling of waste. Ireland is also committed under these European Directives to recovering as much residual waste as practically possible prior to final disposal. 

Meath Waste-to-Energy provides a sustainable way of managing residual waste. Waste-to-energy technology plays a critical role in a well functioning integrated waste management system. Every year over 400 similar facilities throughout Europe convert almost 50 million tonnes of waste into energy in the form of electricity and heat. Waste deliverted to our facility is processed through a grate incinerator, with the electricity created from this process dispatched to the Irish national grid, with a small amount used to run the facility itself.

Thermal recovery of residual household & commerical/industrial waste: 

  • Residual non-recyclable waste from domestic & commercial/industrial kerbside collection 
  • Combustible residual waste from recycling processes 
  • Refuse derived fuel (RDF) 
  • Residual combustible skip waste (non-bulky)
  • Contaminated packaging / clothing / PPE / liners 
  • Off-specification / redundant products 
  • Aqueous liquids 
  • Wastewater treatment sludge


  • Sustainability report (2021)
  • Emission data

Community at Meath

We maintain open communication and good relationships with the people who live near our facilities. We use neighbourhood councils and consultation committees to keep them informed of our activities, projects and permit applications or renewals. We welcome neighbour, private and company visits to our site.  Since 2009, our Carranstown Grant Scheme has donated over €2,700,000 to local organisations and charities, helping a variety of groups such as sports clubs, medical support groups, animal charities and village upkeep schemes.

We also regularly sponsor local events such as the Bellewstown Races and the Duleek 10k Run.


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Indaver Waste-to -Energy Carranstown
Duleek Co.
Meath A92 EP23

  • Waste Acceptance Hours
  • Monday to Friday 07:00 to 18:30
  • Saturday 08:00 to 14:00
  • Closed on Sundays & Bank holidays