Transfer Station in Abrantes

In 2007, Indaver Portugal started the operation of a state-of-the-art transfer station at Abrantes Industrial Park. In this transfer station the waste streams are safely stored before being sent for final treatment. The transfer station is licensed to receive all types of hazardous waste, except hospital waste and explosive waste. The installation also has an IPPC license, granted by the Portuguese Environmental Agency (see licenses link).

The transfer station can temporarily store both hazardous and non hazardous waste. The hazardous waste  streams are then sent for proper treatment in Portugal or to Indaver’s treatment plants located in other countries in Europe.

Following the transparency policy implemented in the Indaver group, the management of the transfer station is set up to guarantee all our customers full traceability of all their waste streams, from origin to final treatment.

The installation was built according to the strictest hazardous waste and dangerous goods EU regulations, which makes it innovative and unique in Portugal.

Total Waste Management

Indaver offers high-quality, sustainable and cost-efficient Total Waste Management (TWM) solutions to large scale industry. For each type of waste we offer a tailored solution thanks to our 30+ years of expertise and our wide range of inhouse facilities and processing possibilities with third parties. Through improved recycling and maximum recovery of energy and valuable components from waste, Indaver intends to keep leading the field in sustainable waste management.


Specialised services

For its industrial customers, Indaver offers specialised services, which comprise of:

  • Laboratory and Chemical Waste specialized site services: safe disposal of your out of date laboratory chemicals

  • Transfrontier Waste Shipments: full relief in obtaining specific permits or administrative requirements 

  • Remediation projects: specialised sanitation projects in line with your needs

  • Build-Own-Operate services: full infrastructure management by building, owning and operating specialised installations for hazardous waste treatment with the highest recovery rates

Laboratory and Chemical Waste specialized site services

Why use a specialist?

Out of date laboratory chemicals need to be disposed of safely. Although they are relatively small in volume, their safe management requires a lot of specialist attention.

Indaver has a team of specially trained lab waste services personnel who use a comprehensive range of chemical handling equipment and always wear specialist personal protective equipment. 

Our qualified personnel will go to your site to ensure the correct

  • Identification
  • Classification
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Packaging & labeling of all waste chemicals prior to removal for disposal.
  • Bulking-up of liquids from drums to tankers
  • Checking the quality and suitability of packaging prior to transport

Safe treatment and full traceability

Once the lab chemicals or chemical waste is collected, the hazardous material is shipped through our Hazardous Waste Facility in Abrantes for its onward journey for safe treatment. You can track your waste at any time thanks our detailed reporting system. We offer full traceability in every step along the waste journey.

To complete our service we will ensure that you receive the necessary treatment certificates.

Trusted by industry laboratories across Portugal

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Companies
  • Research Institutions
  • Doctors, Dentists & Veterinary Surgeries
  • Pharmacies

Transfrontier Waste Shipments

Access to advanced treatment plants in Europe

It is well known that the Iberian hazardous waste market doesn’t offer to the local industry all state-of art technologies to treat special and difficult waste streams. This happens mainly by lack of waste volume production in this region that wouldn’t make viable certain type of waste treatment plants.

It is also known that the hazardous waste market in Europe functions at a continental level. This means that not all countries have all the treatment facilities for all the waste streams they produce.

Because the Indaver group has access to its wide portfolio of own treatment installations combined with solutions at external partners, the best treatment option ic chosed for each type of your waste.  Our cooperation with external treatment centres allows us to offer the best solution to our customers. They may be located nearer to our customer than our own treatment facilities. When no specialised treatment is required for a certain type of waste, this often is the best option, since it reduces transport cost. 

All specific permits or administrative requirements needed for your waste management, is taken care of by Indaver. Thanks to its international expertise, Indaver offers solutions in full compliance with all regulations and legislative changes in every single region.

Certificates and permits