Indaver Mineraal in Veendam


Indaver Mineraal

Indaver’s ambition is to supply mineral secondary raw materials within the circular economy. We take on a mediating role for our customers, between supply and demand for soil, sludge, rubble and other reusable construction materials. With our knowledge, expansive network and independent position, we have the ability to do this in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

Indaver Mineraal works primarily with slightly contaminated soil and dredged materials. Before the (purified) mineral raw material can be reused, it undergoes a quality test pursuant to the most recent legislation, which sets quality limits and use options. Indaver has a wide range of technologies to clean or immobilise mineral residual streams. If cleaning isn’t an option, sustainable storage at Stainkoeln offers a ‘safe sink’ solution.

Temporary storage sites (TOP)

In addition to our soil cleaning and mineral production activities, Indaver also manages a number of soil banks and reuse plants. Our temporary storage sites (TOP) for mineral soil and sludge streams and mineral secondary raw materials are located in the north of the Netherlands around Groningen: 

  • TOP Groningen 
  • TOP Gaarkeuken 
  • TOP Delfzijl 
  • TOP Leeuwarden 
  • TOP Veendam 


Indaver TOP Veendam B.V.
Adriaan Tripweg 11 
9641 AP Veendam 

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