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Treatment of greenwaste

In the Netherlands and Belgium, Indaver processes organic residual streams such as greenwaste into high-quality compost, among other things. With compost of good quality, we return natural nutrients to the soil, and close this loop. 

We sort the green waste to assign it to the right purpose: composting or biomass. We make the material we can compost smaller, then store it in rows. We turn the material regularly to add oxygen and activate bacteria. After about 6 weeks, the raw compost is ready. We clean it of bits of plastic and stones. Then we sift it into fine compost and coarse compost.



Quality is the result of joint effort

Good compost requires pure collected green waste

Unfortunately, the contamination of green waste has been increasing in recent years. Indaver makes every effort to remove contamination from the chain. We continuously upgrade our processes and facilities to improve the quality of the compost. The increase in contamination nevertheless poses problems for our operations and makes treatment very laborious.
You have a big impact on the quality of the compost. The purer your collected green waste is, the higher the quality of our final product. We need to put quality at the heart of every step of the chain to continue making good compost together.


Our products


All Indaver sites have been certified under the Keurcompost scheme for many years. Our businesses are audited annually, and the quality of our products is monitored continuously. The Keurcompost quality label guarantees a high-quality product, free of weed seeds, pathogens and matter alien to soil. Indaver produces compost of varied quality, tailored to multiple specialised uses.


Agricultural compost

Agricultural compost is a compost with a fairly coarse texture and a consistent composition. The coarse compost improves soil structure, which enhances infiltration. Agricultural compost is also ideal as a soil improver. It provides stable organic matter, stimulates soil life and boosts disease resistance in plants. Indaver’s agricultural compost can be spread all year round.

Garden compost

Garden compost is a finer type of compost specially created for gardens and flower beds. This finer compost provides plants with airy soil that has a good structure and good moisture retention. Garden compost also supplies plants with sufficient organic nutrition. This is needed to create as well as maintain healthy soil life.

Wood Chips

Our wood chips are intended as a fuel for generating green electricity in biomass stations. When used as ground cover, the wood chips protect the soil from drying out due to sun and wind. The soil stays moist in dry periods, and excess moisture is kept out in wet periods.  


Wood chips A (log chips)  

A-grade wood chips are pure “hardwood or softwood” chips that contain no contamination. Mixing or contamination with needles or leaves is not allowed. The size of the chips is between 25 mm and 50 mm.

Wood chips B (branchwood and smallwood)  

B-grade wood chips are wood chips that are larger than 25 mm and derived from branchwood and smallwood. These wood chips may contain a limited amount of needles or leaves.


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