Driver and supplier

As a driver, you must comply with safety and environmental regulations.


On arrival, follow the signposts to the correct car park: short or long trucks. Park your truck and make your way to the self-registration terminal. Turn off your truck’s engine while it is stationary. Register at the self-registration terminal with your reference number. You will receive a QR code to weigh your cargo in and out.  Follow the designated route to the unloading or loading location. Non-compliant loads will be refused.

If you have any additional questions or you do not have a registration reference, please contact your regular contact at Indaver in good time.

Instructions for self-registration at Indaver in Willebroek: IPR flyer

Safety arrangements

The site is subject to the highway code. Observe the maximum permitted speed of 20 kmph.


  • Pedestrians and cyclists always have the right of way
  • Industrial vehicles may drive against the direction of travel in certain places

The following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is mandatory:

  • On site: fluorescent jacket, safety shoes and safety goggles
  • Inside the PMD buildings: fluorescent jacket, safety shoes, safety goggles and safety helmet

Securing road transport loads

At the Willebroek site, materials are loaded which are packed in different ways. As a driver, it is important that you secure your cargo adequately and correctly.
This information sheet sets out the guidelines in accordance with the European guide to securing road transport loads.


Safety agreements

As a contractor, you will be granted access to the site only after successfully passing a safety test. We show the safety arrangements in a safety video that you can watch in advance via a portal or on site at the self-registration terminal.

Contractors entering the site receive the safety and environment booklet.


Safety agreements 

As a visitor, you must always follow the designated footpath. You are only permitted to deviate from this path under Indaver directions. 
Photography and filming in the facilities are not permitted. 
The following equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are mandatory:

  • On the designated footpath: good walking shoes and a high-visibility vest.
  • In the hall: safety vest, safety footwear, long trousers and long sleeves.
  • NB:
    • Do you have a pacemaker? If so, you must not enter the PMD facility.
    • Need to leave the footpath? In that case, pay close attention to any traffic and walk in a straight line.