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Indaver has signed a contract to operate an energy from waste facility for the local authorities in Northeast Scotland. The NESS Energy Project in Aberdeen is capable of processing 150,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste every year to generate electricity. 

Acciona will lead the project using its own in-house construction skills to build the plant, and it will rely on the expertise of Indaver for the operation of the plant for a 20 year period.

This energy from waste plant will take non-recyclable waste from Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, and Moray Councils and treat it cleanly and completely conforming to the latest strict European standards for emissions.

Thermal treatment of residual municipal waste

Modern plants are not like the incinerators of old. They burn non-recyclable waste cleanly and completely while conforming to strict standards for emissions, producing heat and electricity.

Energy from Waste provides a sustainable way of managing residual waste. Waste-to-energy technology plays a critical role in a well-functioning integrated waste management system. Waste delivered to the NESS facility is processed through a grate incinerator, with the electricity created from this process dispatched to the relevant national grid, with a small amount used to run the facility itself.

In Aberdeen, the Energy from Waste plant to service the Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and Moray Council areas will be connected to a district heat network in East Tullos which will heat homes in the nearby Torry area. This facility provides a local, long term, sustainable solution for managing waste that cannot be recycled,

The areas of Seaton, Tillydrone, Hazlehead, and Stockethill in Aberdeen already have district heat networks and residents' home energy bills have reduced by an average of 50% compared to the previous electric heating systems. The first of the existing schemes was set up in 2002. This and the other schemes set up since then now provides heat to 2,350 flats in 33 multi storey blocks and 15 public buildings. Additionally, carbon emissions from these buildings have reduced by 45%. More information on the existing district heat networks in Aberdeen can be found.

The site was chosen after an extensive site search that considered a range of factors, for example, proximity to heat users, access to main transport routes such as the AWPR (Aberdeen bypass), site availability and current use.

It was decided Aberdeen was the best placed local authority with regeneration areas which would most benefit from the low-cost heating provided by the facility. East Tullos Industrial Estate was chosen as it is an existing industrial site with the neighbouring area of Torry, where residents would benefit from the low-cost heating.

Thermal recovery of non hazardous residual household & commerical/industrial waste: 

  • Residual non-recyclable waste from domestic & commercial/industrial kerbside collection 
  • Combustible residual waste from recycling processes 
  • Refuse derived fuel (RDF) 
  • Residual combustible skip waste (non-bulky)
  • Contaminated packaging / clothing / PPE / liners 



More than 60% of the non-recyclable waste delivered to the plant will arrive in bulk via the AWPR (Aberdeen bypass), and get to the energy from waste plant through East Tullos Industrial Estate via Wellington Road.

The remaining waste will be collected from across the City by the councils' collection vehicles. Planning permission restricts the number of vehicles that can deliver waste to the plant to a maximum of 307 vehicles a week, which is around 7 vehicles an hour.


Community at NESS

Indaver stives to be an integral member of all of the communities we are part of. We are committed to being a good neighbour that is actively involved in our localities. 

Indaver is delighted to reflect on the Big Hop Trail project which we have undertaken with Clan Cancer Support. Our team in Aberdeen have been working hard to complete the project, and supporting Clan Cancer Support. Clan Cancer Support partnered with Wild in Art once again to bring an exciting new art trail to the north-east, Moray, Orkney and Shetland.

Indaver is also a memeber of the local communnity stakeholder engagement group.

Minutes of these meetings can be found below.


When it comes to safety, Indaver doesn’t compromise. Our employees safety is paramount at all of our sites. At Indaver safety is an absolute priority, consistent with our core value of ‘Concern for people, safety and the environment’. Indaver advocates a group-wide safety behavioural culture with a focus on continuous improvement.

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