Indaver’s core mission statement on safety is ‘Work safe, Home Safe, Everyone, Every day’

Indaver’s core mission statement on safety is ‘Work safe, Home Safe, Everyone, Every day’. This statement is vital in ensuring that people who work or attend our facilities and offices, whether it be an employee or contractor, know and understands that safety is a core value of Indaver’s.

We want people to come to work, to prepare and plan their work in light of the hazards and risks and to ensure the work is completed safely which will ensure that people go home safely.  Indaver have a good record of safety on site and very strong engagement in our safety reporting process.  There are many ways of engaging but our tracking system, Ten Force, shows great engagement from all sections of our colleagues. Each quarter a short list of ‘good catches’ is provided to senior managers and safety representatives to choose our Safety Champions for the quarter. This has created new ways of looking at safety and created some excellent improvement projects.

In the last few years there has been significant work on the collaboration process for safety. Different people working together to find improved ways of safely completing work. This collaboration is a key cog in our safety wheel.

The environment sits alongside our safety culture. Indaver has a strong compliance record and ensures that its licences are adhered to. This is done by having strong controlled documents and processes in place to ensure compliance with the licence conditions. Indaver are audited frequently by authorities, our customers and also our internal audit team to ensure the processes are in compliance.

In line with our core value of demonstrating concern for the environment, we ensure we are also a key contributor to our local environment. Our continued community involvement has meant that there are now bee hotels at our Meath Waste to Energy facility which were made by a local men’s shed. There are newly established bee hives that are thriving in the Meath countryside with an abundance of food on site, increasing pollination, and also in the locality.  Hares and newts are present on the site at Meath and there is a strong sense of caring for the environment instilled from the very first inductions to site.

My hope for Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) in Indaver is that our collaborative processes and our vision of caring for your colleagues continues. Indaver will continue to forge a strong EHS culture that is resilient and adapts to change into the future.


Grace McCormack

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, Ireland & UK