News update: Indaver destroys and disposes of waste containing PFAS

Indaver has been providing solutions for hazardous waste for 35 years. We do so with the greatest possible care for people and the environment, in Flanders and the Netherlands. We note that people are greatly concerned about PFAS in our society. Indaver takes its role in the fight against PFAS very seriously, and provides an effective solution for waste streams containing PFAS.

Indaver guarantees that combustible waste containing PFAS is 99.9999% efficiently destroyed in its rotary kilns in Antwerp. Indaver further guarantees safe storage of non-combustible waste containing PFAS in cells at a landfill authorised for the purpose in Antwerp. Indaver complies with all the terms of its discharge authorisation and has always done so.

The PFAS residue in Indaver’s wastewater is reduced to about 10 grams per year for PFOS, PFOA and GenX together. For total PFAS the annual pollutant load is reduced to less than 2 kg.  The water purification operation is monitored closely with frequent external measurements and analyses. We share the results with the competent bodies, which also carry out measurements themselves.

Indaver also closely monitors chimney emissions. In recent months VITO, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research, specifically sampled and analysed Indaver’s flue gases for PFAS. Based on a scientific model, the measured values were converted to depositions of PFAS residues. The results are 40x below EFSA standards.

Indaver strives unceasingly to further improve the PFAS removal techniques. It spares no effort in seeking to contribute to a clean River Scheldt (Western).

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