Total Waste Management services

Full relief for the industry

Via long-term Total Waste Management partnerships, Indaver offers high-quality, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions to large scale industry. With our Total Waste Management partnership model, we assure you a worry-free experience when it comes to managing your waste.

We can take care of everything for you, from the moment of production to recovery and/or treatment, including organisation, handling, administration and reporting.


Tailored solutions via our people, systems and assets

For each type of industrial waste we offer a tailored solution thanks to our +30 years of expertise, experienced co-workers and through our wide range of inhouse specialised treatment facilities combined with external parties. Our intelligent systems register and cover all data and are reported back to you via the Indaver customer zone. This online platform easily offers you a complete overview of all your waste related administration, your waste flow status and so much more, all in a user-friendly and highly comprehensible view. Additionally, innovative tools such as IndaScan offer full traceability and an overview of the complete waste flow.

Contributing to your climate targets

With high quality recycling and maximum recovery of energy and valuable components from industrial waste, Indaver creates a circular economy in practice for its customers and contributes to realising their climate targets. 

We do this by operating our facilities effectively with the know-how and years of experience of properly trained staff. This allows us not only to raise the availability of our facilities to a very high standard, but also to anticipate the technological evolutions such as material and energy recovery, emission (water, soil, air) management and so on. We integrate new technical insights into our facilities. Indaver guarantees that the industry's waste will always be treated in the best possible circumstances. 

We offer you full relief with our TWM services

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Industrial Waste Services team

Unique set of services

Full service package

We have the necessary expertise and resources to implement complex waste projects efficiently:  

  • in-house processing plants to guarantee continuity;  
  • network of reliable subcontractors; 

  • logistical fleet for hazardous and non-hazardous waste; 

  • efficient datamanagement systems offering transparency and monitoring

  • reporting and accurate invoicing; 

  • manpower for on-site services;  

  • project-based approach. 

In this way, we offer you and the industry a full-relief waste management. 

"We reconcile environmental sustainability with business productivity to realise the circular economy for our customers"