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Indaver is a trusted partner for (semi-)public bodies, waste compliance organisations and waste collectors

Indaver is a trusted and flexible waste management service provider that is committed to finding sustainable and cost-effective solutions for its customers, which include both (semi-)public entities and waste compliance organizations. We work closely with our clients and our network to identify the most optimal and eco-friendly ways to manage various forms of (residual) waste.   At Indaver, we leverage our in-depth market knowledge and reliable sales channels to provide our customers with a growing range of treatment plants that comply with all legislative frameworks. We are also proud to be a supplier of circular raw materials and energy, which helps to improve the market position and competitiveness of our customers.

We unburden water treatment companies by managing their sludges through our specialized fluidised bed facilities or constructing custom facilities for them through a build-own-operate agreement. We prioritize the optimal recovery of both materials and energy in every stage of the treatment process.   To municipal authorities and intermunicipal partnerships, we offer top-tier waste management services to effectively and sustainably handle a wide range of waste streams. Our services cover everything from packaging waste, wood waste and bio-organic waste to residual waste and bulky waste.  Not only do we use cutting-edge waste treatment technology, we also offer the option for more in-depth collaboration with public and private partners for the recovery of energy and materials. For instance, we construct steam and heat networks starting from our waste-to-energy facilities. This approach enables us to adopt a more comprehensive and long-term strategy for effective waste and energy management in the region. Through these partnerships, we work to create a cleaner and more sustainable future for communities like yours.

We are dedicated to safeguarding the environment and public health, which is why we always ensure that all forms of waste are safely and securely treated. In doing so, we are helping to promote a circular economy and protect the planet for future generations.  Indaver is committed to driving technological innovation in waste management. This includes exploring new processing techniques, recovering valuable materials, and improving our existing facilities. We prioritize maximizing energy recovery and minimizing our and our customers' ecological footprint, which is crucial for protecting the climate.  We constantly adapt to changing circumstances in an increasingly international context, and we are always willing to share our knowledge and expertise. Indaver is agile, reliable, and committed to dialogue. We believe in long-term partnerships to achieve success, and our shareholder Katoen Natie supports our efforts by investing in our growth and specialized knowledge, keeping our operations anchored in Flanders.

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