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IST: Partner for the industry

Indaver Separation Technologies provides customised solutions for sludge dewatering and separation to close material cycles. 
With its leading services in sludge dewatering and separation combined with its modern high-performance installations and competent and committed employees, IST is the prefered supplier to the European large industry.

With Indaver Separation Technologies (IST) you can completely outsource your industrial sludge dewatering and separation technology.

Safeguard your processes by structural sludge dewatering

Is sludge piling up in your anaerobic reactor, crude tank, sludge tank or basin?

Sludge originating from your production process or water purification system can seriously disrupt your primary process if not handled properly, resulting in high costs and possibly production stop or an environmental incident.

To avoid this, Indaver Separation Technologies offers customised solutions, via Build Own Operate partnership or mobile services.



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Attention to people, safety, and the environment

IST fulfils a most important position in material cycles by durably closing them. By separating the sludge of water treatment plants or production plants into sludge cake, solid material and water, the clean water can return to the cycle. Additionally, the caloric- and material value of the dewatered sludge can be suitably applied. This could be in the production process of the customer, material recycling, waste-to-energy, composting, fermentation or agriculture. This way, IST plays a crucial role in the circular economy. This is all carried out with the greatest attention to all applicable environmental- and safety regulations to offer the highest quality to our customers!

Customized solutions for sludge dewatering

By sharp utilization of our mobile and BOO installations, IST is able to offer durable solutions for the European industry. The sludge dewatering and separation can be taken care of for water treatment plants or for the petrochemical-, food- and steel industry. By developing customized solutions and implement these for our customers, IST is able to optimally conform to safety regulations and arranged key performance indicators.

Decanter centrifuge, filter press or belt press?

The sludge in a tank or basin of a customer can be dewatered by IST using different separation technologies. Our laboratory will determine utilising asludge sample which flocculant and which technology is most suitable. One of our decanter centrifuges, filter presses or belt presses will be installed at the customer’s location. After dewatering, the water can be returned to the water treatment plant or back into the process of the customer. The sludge cake can be (re)used in for example the production process of the customer, material recycling, waste-to-energy, composting, fermentation or agriculture.

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