Indaver Separation Technologies

IST: Partner for the industry

Indaver Separation Technologies provides customised solutions for sludge dewatering and separation in order to close material cycles. 
By its leading services in sludge dewatering and separation combined with its modern high-performance installations and competent and committed employees, IST is the prefered supplier for the European large industry.

With Indaver Separation Technologies (IST) you can completely outsource your industrial sludge dewatering and separation technology.

Safeguard your processes by structural sludge dewatering

Is sludge piling up in your anaerobic reactor, crude tank, sludge tank or basin?

Sludge originating from your production process or water purification system can seriously disrupt your primary process if not handled properly, resulting in high costs and possibly production stop or an environmental incident.

To avoid this, Indaver Separation Technologies offers customised solutions, via Build Own Operate partnership or mobile services.



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