Recycling Waste Solvents

The treatment and recycling of organic solvents is an important topic in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as large amounts of solvents are generated annually. In most cases, solvents require strict hazardous waste management.

Recycling solvents have large ecological benefits. Technologies such as pervaporation, fractionation, and distillation provide large-scale solutions for solvent recovery.

Indaver Solvents

Indaver Solvents can rely on several own recycling facilities across Europe which provide a recycling alternative for solvent waste that today is being used and/or exported for incineration. Low-quality solvents that are not fit for solvent recycling, can be pre-treated to be used as a substitute fuel in cement kilns.

Principal benefits of solvent recovery

The principal benefits of solvent recycling for you as the (waste) solvent producer are:

  • reclamation and return of treated solvent (Toll Manufacture)
  • alternative supply from the virgin solvent market for the supply of solvent
  • some waste previously sent for incineration can now be recycled
  • CO2 avoidance and overall lower environmental impact
  • recycled solvents are valuable raw materials for industry
  • direct contribution to the circular economy
  • lower costs

On-site, dedicated solvent recycling facilities

Apart from Indaver’s existing solvent recycling facilities in the UK, Ireland and Belgium, Indaver Solvents is well aware that the development of dedicated solvent recycling facilities on the customer’s site can be justifiable depending on the volume and value of the recoverable solvent(s).

On-site facilities have several advantages on top of the benefits of solvent recycling in general such as:

  • reduction in transport as no more trucks entering and leaving the customer’s site
  • improved safety as no more connecting & disconnecting trucks to tank farms
  • cost reduction because of fewer transport costs
  • less waste being sent off-site

Indaver Solvents is able to support and advise in all areas related to the development of such new, dedicated facilities:


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Our Solvent Recycling Facility locations

SRF in Dublin, Ireland

The 20,000 tonnes per annum Solvent Recovery Facility in Dublin port is part of Indaver's Dublin Port Hazardous Waste Facility. 

SRF in UK (Middlewich)

This site, based in Middlewich, 50 km from Manchester, consists of a solvent recovery unit of 30,000 tonnes per annum. 


SRF in Antwerp, BE

Valuable solvents processed at Indaver's facility in Antwerp to extract precious metals from liquids, can be further purified and reused for industry.