Indaver Solvent Management in the UK

High-quality and sustainable solvent recycling

Indaver is a full waste management specialist that offers a comprehensive in-house solution for your waste and recycling requirements. This, combined with bespoke fine chemicals manufacturing provides a holistic end-to-end provision for hazardous waste, recycling and molecular development.

You as our customer, are at the heart of our business. We provide continuous, sustainable and high-quality solutions.

At its site in Middlewich, Cheshire, UK (with immediate central links to the M6), Indaver operates a solvent recycling facility; accepting hazardous and non-hazardous (waste) solvents, providing bespoke recovery solutions, Indaver is able to support the customers with lab analysis, pilot scale trials, and recycling at commercial scale.

A highly skilled and experienced workforce, including chemical engineers, engineers, chemists, and senior plant operators, are at your service. With continuous investment and innovation to enhance existing facilities and new equipment to meet the needs of the customer base.

R&D for viable solvent recycling

Indaver also operates a fine chemical manufacturing plant at the site in Middlewich. Indaver's speciality resides in the research and development of fine chemicals from lab research, and lab trials to full plant scale-up for bespoke molecules and ester synthesis. In the future, we will aim at producing fine chemicals involving recycled solvents as we believe this will be the next step to close material cycles.

We utilise our extensive experience to research and develop and optimise a process. A process that can be scaled on-site from small quantities to full-scale manufacture as your requirements evolve. Our expertise allows us to form strong relationships with our customers, enabling them to focus on core activities by assisting them with subsidiary problems, process development/optimisation, new product development, waste minimisation, or improving raw material and energy utilisation. We offer full toll and custom manufacturing services.

Extensive experience in solvent recovery

We utilise our extensive experience to develop and optimise a process which can be scaled on-site from small quantities to full-scale manufacture as your requirements evolve.

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