Specialised hazardous waste treatment

Managing the most complex waste 

In all safety and security

For over 30 years, Indaver has provided highly technical solutions to treat all types of waste, even the most complex. We have unique installations and developed specific know-how to ensure waste management that is guaranteed from both an environmental and a health point of view. Whatever the type of waste (industrial, medical, asbestos or contaminated soil for example) and its risks (bacteriological, explosive, low radioactivity or toxicity,…), Indaver has the solution.  

Indaver is specialist in the field of industrial and total waste management and has expertise in different fields and with different types of hazardous waste. With our expertise in technology, market and legislation, you can trust us to deal with your complex waste management like no other. We therefore offer specialised waste solutions for your company that cover all necessary requirements. 

In full compliance with the highest environmental, quality requirements

Waste streams are becoming increasingly complex in their composition. That is why health, safety and the environment are our top priority in dealing with these types of waste. Our data management systemes are focused on checking, tracking and monitoring the waste streams in real time. We continue to invest in new technology and innovations to find suitable solutions to treat these specific waste streams as effectively and safely as possible. 

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As your industrial waste partner, we offer customized solutions for different types of waste. If you are interested to see how Indaver's tailormade 
Total Waste Management solutions can benefit your company, please click the link to get more information on this service.

Specialised solutions for hazardous waste

Asbestos waste

Safe and careful treatment

Asbestos-containing waste is often released during demolition and remediation activities. When handling this type of waste, special attention must be paid to its removal, pre-treatment, packaging and processing. Indaver Depending on the type of asbestos waste, certain packaging and shipment conditions must be respected. Indaver has environmentally safe solutions for asbestos treatment.


Medical hazardous waste

No risk approach

Waste from healthcare activities requires a no risk approach due to its bacteriological and pathological risks. From source to final treatment, Indaver fully destroys all contaminants in its dedicated installations. This is how Indaver prevents harmful substances from ending up in the environment. To close the circle, energy is recovered during the process and returned to the community. 


Remediation of haz waste

Site management and safe removal

Remediation projects for hazardous waste require an experienced partner. Indaver analyses and preliminary studies the contaminated sites to ensure safe treatment and removal of the excavated waste. Depending on the project, Indaver can assume overall management or act as sub-contractor for specific components. Indaver’s own processing capacity and know-how play an important role in decontamination projects.