Asbestos treatment

Environmentally safe storage of asbestos waste

Although asbestos is no longer used in construction, insulation or for similar purposes, there is still a lot of asbestos-containing waste from demolition and remediation activities released annually. Indaver has environmentally safe processing solutions for asbestos treatment.

Asbestos waste can be removed in full compliance with local and international legislation. When handling asbestos-containing waste, special attention must be paid to its removal, pre-treatment and packaging. Depending on the type of asbestos waste, certain packaging and shipment conditions must be respected.

What types do we accept?

Indaver accepts asbestos-containing waste flows in its landfills and advises about asbestos waste projects. In specific situations, Indaver advises about the most appropriate option for treatment.

  • Asbestos cement materials
  • Soil and debris contaminated with asbestos from remediation and demolition
  • Non-degradable asbestos-contaminated products
  • Immobilised asbestos-containing materials
Your contact in The Netherlands

Peter van Vlokhoven

Account Manager Landfills

Your contact in Belgium

Frank Bal

Asbestos expert

Our locations for asbestos treatment

Antwerp (BE)

Indaver can accept asbestos-containing waste streams at its landfill site, Category 1 in Antwerp which is embedded at its hazardous waste treatment site in the Antwerp port area. Indaver can give its expert advice on the most suitable method of treatment for asbestos waste projects, also in calamity situations. 

North & Central-Zeeland, Vlissingen (NL)

Indaver runs its North and Central-Zeeland landfill site in the Vlissingen-Oost industrial zone. Besides other industrial waste, we also store waste containing asbestos which is treated responsibly and safely at the landfill site. To ensure the continuity of the service provision, Indaver invested in a new storage area on the site, again fully equipped with base-liners so that safe landfilling can be carried out here in the coming years.

Stainkoeln, Groningen (NL)

In Groningen, The Netherlands, Indaver owns and operates the waste treatment site Stainkoeln. At the site, Indaver offers the right solution for every type of soil contamination or combination of soil contamination.  Also for asbestos waste, Examples include non-cleanable soil, contaminated rubble, asbestos, industrial sludge from production processes etc.