Medical waste

Full destruction of harmful substances and maximum energy recovery

Indaver is highly experienced in the treatment of Hazardous Medical Waste (HMW). Waste from medical and healthcare activities, due to its bacteriological and pathological risks, must be integrated into very specific waste management and treatment processes. During the entire supply chain, from the source up to the final treatment, Indaver prevents harmful or hazardous substances from ending up in the environment or the food or materials chain. We, therefore, use dedicated, high-tech installations specialised in processing HMW. During this treatment process as much energy as possible is recovered and returned to the community. This is how we close the circle and safeguard society.

How do we do it?

Temperature, Time and Turbulence are key for safe and efficient treatment

At MediPower, the destruction happens not only because of the high temperature, but also because of the movement in the kiln (turbulence) and the time the waste spends in the high-temperature zone (time). These 3 elements, temperature - time - turbulence, determine the full (99.9%) degradation of hazardous components. 

Collection, storage & transport

First, the waste is stored in hospitals or in lab environments in suitable containers which have been approved for this type of waste. Secondly, the containers are carried via ADR-compliant transport. Therefore we can use our own fleet or subcontract reliable partners. Finally, this waste is brought to Indaver’s specialized, high-temperature treatment facility, MediPower at our site in Antwerp. 

How to avoid risks in hazardous medical waste disposal?

Instructional videos

When dealing with hazardous medical waste, packaging provides adequate protection to prevent the risk of contamination via the waste. but there is more. A clean and correct sealing of that container is crucial. This protects the people involved and the environment.  To support its healthcare customers in sensitising and informing its staff on how to handle Hazardous Medical Waste (HMA), Indaver developed training videos. This instructional video shows in detail how to correctly close WIVA/Septobox/HMA/Plazur recipients filled with RMA. 

Training & awareness videos

Indaver created training videos to support its healthcare customers in raising awareness and informing their staff about how to deal with Hazardous Medical Waste (HMW).

This short animation video shows that anHMW-container still has a long way to go after leaving the hospital floor. It illustrates very comprehensively how to reduce the risks.

During the treatment process of HMW in Indaver's installations, energy is produced. This energy is supplied to nearby cities and industries. In this way, Indaver contributes to the circular economy together with the healthcare sector.

Specific instructions on how to close HMW-receptacles