Tank and equipment cleaning

One-stop-shop within the shortest time

Tanks and industrial equipment contaminated with hazardous chemicals often present a problem not only to clean, but also to dispose of the waste in an environmentally sensitive way. Moreover, tankers transport a wide range of materials and equipment is often critical for process continuity.

Both tankers and equipment need to be cleaned quickly, efficiently, thoroughly and safely on a regular basis. Indaver is one of few specialist companies that can provide a complete cleaning service in compliance with all relevant regulations from start to finish. 
Indaver provides a one-stop-shop service. From tank cleaning to certificates. All that in the shortest throughput time. 

Professional and safe cleaning of diverse goods

We have 7 washing lines available for you to clean:

  • Resins
  • Bulk goods
  • Liquids (chemicals)
  • Packaging (drums, IBCs...)
  • Special chemical equipment (heat exchangers)

We are fully equipped for:

  • explosion-proof execution (ADR goods with low flash points)
  • complex and difficult cleaning (super HD unit, cold and hot 80°C water)

Cleaned while you're waiting with a coffee

As a transport or industrial company, you want your tankers, tank containers and rail cars to be cleaned quickly and thoroughly immediately after use. Your next trip is already scheduled, time is money.  By providing a fast turnaround on tank cleaning, Indaver guarantees its customers continuity. 

Equipment and expertise at your service

Indaver can rely on extensive experience with tank and industrial cleaning operations. We have ADR-approved units and equipment specially designed for the best internal cleaning service for tanks, containers, silos and process equipment. We clean a whole range of both non- and dangerous chemical products, as well as food and feedstuff and other bulk products.
We ensure that our customers are reached within a short period of time, even when several vessels need tank cleaning simultaneously. 

What our customers say about us...

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Additional services

  • Container handling by SVE truck (container exchange)
  • Steaming of tank containers
  • Vacuum testing of tank containers
  • Weighbridge facilities
  • One-stop-shop for cleaning-repair-inspection: In-house repair for tank containers and rail wagons/boilers and IBCs in cooperation with RSK (Rail Service Kuypers)
  • Including 2.5 and 5-year tests/inspections
  • Kosher cleaning

Direct treatment of substances of very high concern

Full compliant processing of residues

Indaver can offer your company a unique advantage by offering inhouse processing of the substances of very high concern that need to be disposed of after the cleaning operations. Indaver has a wide portfolio of specialised installations that are dedicated for the treatment of hazardous, complex and sensitive waste streams. These installations are situated in the Antwerp port area, near Terneuzen. This way, Indaver can manage your cleaning operations from A to Z, including the final treatment, destruction certificates and all related adminstration

Full focus on safety

Mitigation of risks

Tank cleaning can be a risky undertaking due to the safety and environmental hazards. Indaver is able to offer a wide variety of tank cleaning techniques to minimize exposure and impact on personnel and environment.

Our fully qualified and experienced team provides a method statement and site specific risk assessment before every job.

A sample will be taken for analysis by our technical department and the waste categorised before the cleaning process starts. Depending on the analysis, we will then choose the most ecologically and economically viable route for disposal of the waste chemical. 

Complete relief in industrial cleaning nearby

In the port of Terneuzen, The Netherlands, Indaver IWS (Industrial Waste Services) B.V offers a comprehensive service for tank cleaning and process equipment cleaning. Because the cleaning activit is embedded in a transfer and treatment site for hazardous waste, all infrastructure is present to comply with the strict standards required for this type of industry. 
Our clients are mainly industrial companies and transport companies that are active in the ports of Zeebrugge, Gent, Terneuzen and Antwerp. This way, carriers and drivers can have their tanks cleaned quickly and close by.

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