Tank and equipment cleaning in port of Terneuzen

Embedded in hazardous waste transfer site to offer one-stop-shop service

The Terneuzen site is embedded at Indaver's hazardous waste transfer site in The Netherlands. It is equipped for fast and difficult cleaning operations, resins for instance. Because all the infrastructure and expertise are present at this site, Indaver can offer full relief solutions in tank and equipment cleaning for your company. From acceptance, analysis, cleaning, repair, and hazardous waste storage right up to certificates. Indaver provides it all. 

The tank and equipment cleaning operations can rely on a super-high pressure unit, 3 explosion-proof washing facilities, 5 washing facilities with hot-air drying units and 2 washing facilities connected by rail specifically for container tanks on railway carriages. The presence of a workshop on site means that we can also offer you  repair and inspection of tanks, completing our one-stop-shop service. 

3 large benefits of Indaver Tank Cleaning Terneuzen

Washing facilities for in- & external cleaning

With seven covered washing facilities and certified staff, IWS provides efficient, fast and responsible cleaning – even of hard-to-clean materials such as resins. 

  • 2 washing facilities have a rail connection specifically for tank containers on rail cars 

  • 3 washing facilities are explosion-proof 

  • 5 washing facilities have hot air dryers 

ERD/ECD certificates provided

For every completed cleaning project IWS will provide you with a unique European Cleaning Document (ERD/ECD).  

Repair and inspection of tanks

We have a workshop that is fully equipped for the repair and inspection of tanks. 

Leak test, vacuum test and inspections

Indaver offers the option of having a leak test or vacuum test carried out on the tanks after the cleaning process. Inspections, specialised surface treatments or small repairs are also possible.