"Indaver has an eye for my aspirations. This allows me to play off my talents to the fullest."

Naomi Van Donnick , Corporate recruiter






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Naomi Van Donnick (25) is a corporate recruiter. Despite her young age, she had already come a long way at Indaver. To her, it is proof that Indaver is mindful of its employees' ambitions.

"In the beginning, I mainly handled administrative tasks," Naomi explains. "That changed after only a year, which allowed me to take part in developing a new in-house learning platform. In the meantime, I am now doing something else, but each job always ties in with my training so I can develop my skills to the fullest."

Being able to be yourself

Naomi sees a similarity between her fast professional development and her employer's growth. "At Indaver, they soon realised that I had more to offer and could better contribute to the organisation in a different role. A more challenging set of tasks was needed to derive energy and satisfaction from my job. My new position as a recruiter meets this need. Indaver is growing dramatically, so there are new vacancies all the time. I am now one of the central points of contact in the recruitment process and we can hire new staff more efficiently."

"I like to figure it out for myself. At Indaver I have the freedom to do this. I can really be myself here, because Indaver also represents diversity. As a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf, I was afraid they would have a problem with it. For Indaver, it was natural that I could choose whether or not to wear a headscarf at work.”

That is why Naomi opted for Indaver: "Indaver has an eye for my aspirations. This allows me to play off my talents to the fullest.”

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