Sustainable purification for your wastewater

Waste water treatment

Industrial processes generate waste water.
By waste water, we talk about contaminated water as a result of industrial processes or water released during calamities or incidents. In all cases, it is waste water that should not end up in our surface water. 

Step-by-step water purification

Indaver offers techniques for dewatering sludges and wastewater. Contact us to see how Indaver can deliver your company added value by safely processing your wastewater without the lowest environmental impact. In its on-site laboratory, Indaver conducts daily analyses of samples of the water to be discharged and makes sure the water meets the discharge standards.

Discharged in an environmentally sound way

The discharge of wastewater may never damage the environment. Indaver is your partner in finding an appropriate solution.
We can accept and dispose of the various types of waste water both in bulk and in smaller containers.

We process this waste so thoroughly in our purification facilities at our processing locations that, after purification, the wastewater can be discharged into municipal water treatment.

Substances of Very High Concern in water?

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Head Waste Water Purification

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