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Indaver is an known waste management and treatment company in the Iberian market . By offering treatment solutions to customers in Spain and Portugal for several years now, we have developed into a Full Service Provider. Today we are the preferred provider of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries with several Total Waste Management contracts.

We offer these customers direct access to Indaver’s European treatment plants and a huge network of Indaver reliable external treatment centres for the region. Our services include all the technical evaluation of the waste streams, definition of the best treatment option at the better price and all administrative work  including the transfrontier waste shipment process. Our speciality is the adequate treatment, eg. High Temperature Incineration of hazardous waste.

Since we are experts in the region and we are in close contact with several stakeholders (authorities, collectors, brokers) in both countries, we are able to deliver the same level of service in the entire Iberian peninsula. 


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