Indaver guarantees efficient and sustainable processing of PFAS with respect for people and the environment

99.9999% efficient destruction of PFAS in rotary kilns, annual pollutant load in discharge water less than 10 grams for the sum of pfos, pfoa and GenX Indaver has been providing solutions for hazardous waste for 35 years. We always put safety, people and the environment first in our activities. Also in the processing of PFAS-containing waste, we are committed to the best available techniques and cooperate with scientific research in order to destroy this type of waste and thus keep it out of our society. We always do this in line with the permits and share monitoring results and reports with the relevant agencies and the government in full transparency. The inspection services also regularly carry out their own checks on air emissions and discharge water.

Recently, there has been a lot of progress in the field of PFAS.
Thanks to our robust processing methods and new investments, we continue to succeed in our mission to destroy PFAS in line with the very strict new standards. The rotary kilns destroy PFAS molecules with 99.9999% efficiency. This is confirmed by measurements of air emissions. The new stricter permit conditions on the discharge water lead to a maximum pollutant load of 2 kg on an annual basis. For the PFOS component, the discharge will be less than 10 grams on an annual basis. Indaver is therefore succeeding in its mission to provide a solution for hazardous waste in our society in a sustainable and safe manner. 

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