Indaver launches its International Graduate Programme (IIGP)

Indaver will be looking for eight high potential ambitious professionals. For a successful match, the innovative waste treatment company developed the Indaver International Graduate Programme (IIGP), which is an intensive learning programme in which graduates travel both at home and abroad over a period of two years. The aim is to develop their skills and get to know the company from within. For Indaver it is an opportunity to prepare them for a future top job within the organisation.

Immersed in the world of sustainable waste management

The IIGP targets graduates with a master's or bachelor's degree. An ambitious target group excited to start their first work experience. To prevent them from rushing into it, Indaver deliberately opts for a long-term learning process. The programme partly varies according to their background. Technical profiles such as engineers can gravitate towards the facilities, while economics or marketing students can develop into a role within Supply Chain, IT, or Waste management.

"The programme allows you to spend two years in four departments, including one semester abroad," explains Myra Latuheru, Chief Human Resource Office at Indaver. "Candidates will take on a new project at the start of each semester. Depending on their task package and professional background, they will work in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, the UK or Germany. This allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the world of sustainable waste management. Developing your skills to the full simply takes time and the IIGP meets that need."

Creating the best possible working environment together

A 2-year commitment takes a lot. Ambition and responsibility are essential qualities. That is why Indaver selects candidates based on their personal ambitions. Besides diploma requirements, Indaver therefore also selects applicants based on their personal motivations. But the organisation also assesses the participants' needs. "The programme is all about creating an optimal working environment together”, Myra Latuheru elaborates. "We prefer to place technical profiles on our installations. That is where we need bright minds to control complex processes such as modification and automation. Behind the scenes or in the field, we can use young talent everywhere. That is also the strength of the IIGP. Whatever the position, the IIGP offers a wide range of opportunities, tailored to each participant."

A campaign with inspiring testimonials

In addition to a hefty dose of knowledge and practical experience, Indaver also wants to pass on its core values. The baseline 'Empowering talent for a better tomorrow' is the common thread throughout the IIGP. To implement this, the associated campaign relies on eight specific cornerstones. In addition, Indaver addressed several young employees who support this vision based on their own stories and who spoke enthusiastically about their careers and why they resolutely chose the innovative waste treatment company. With these testimonials, the organisation aims to inspire potential new employees to opt for a job with social impact. 

Long-term support

Even after the programme, the organisation will continue to mentor these high potentials so that they can excel and grow in their roles. "The goal is to end the learning path with a better view of their professional ambitions, so they can set course for a top job within Indaver," according to Myra Latuheru. "In doing so, they are given the confidence to lead, but at the same time can continue to count on their buddies and colleagues. In their decision to turn into permanent employees, they can again call on those same trusted advisors. This wholehearted support is part of Indaver's DNA and will remain available throughout their entire career."


(Almost) graduates can apply until the end of April. You can find all information and conditions about the IIGP here. Want to start working at Indaver straight away? Discover all our vacancies here.

About Indaver

Together we create a clean future. For Indaver, waste is not an end destination, but a source of new materials. We add new value to waste by recovering energy and materials. In this way, we are a key link in the circular economy. With our ‘safe sink approach’, we make sure that hazardous components do not enter the material and food chain. Indaver is an international company active in Europe with 2000 staff on board. Together we provide waste solutions for industry and families.


Myra Latuheru, Chief Human Resource Office at Indaver: e-mail Myra Latuheru , Tel: +31 (0) 6 28 90 63 96