Inda-MP: your precious metal partner

Recycling precious metals & homogeneous catalysts from liquid waste

With Inda-MP, Indaver provides a solution to recover precious metals from liquids. Homogeneous precious metal catalysts are hard to recover but our Inda-MP installation at Antwerp (B) offers an efficient, one-stop solution, from logistics of the liquid phases until delivery of the refined precious metals. So you can focus on your production process.

Precious metals are rare and valuable metals such as palladium, rhodium, platinum and ruthenium. They are used as industrial catalysts. It is therefore ecologically and economically beneficial to recover these metals. 

Inda-MP is a thermal process that separates precious metals from solvents in pharmaceutical and chemical waste and collects them in the residues. So our customers have a constant and sustainable supply of precious metals. As a result, they are less dependent on raw materials from outside Europe. 
Inda-MP has become a trusted partner of leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies such as Pfizer and received the CPHI Sustainability Award 2022 at the CPHI Pharma Awards 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany. 


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